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The Kingdom of Levant is a living history organization based in Texas. Their purpose is to research, educate and recreate daily life in the Crusader Kingdoms between 1099 and 1291. The Levant , or more specifically the Kingdom of Jerusalem, is the area of the world where the Crusader Kingdoms existed. If you've seen the movie Kingdom of Heaven then you have a pretty good idea of the era inwhich our Kingdom of Levant might have existed. All cultures historically represented in the Crusader Kingdoms are welcome in the Kingdom of Levant.

Visitors are welcome at any of our events or demonstrations. See the Calendar of Events for a meeting near you. Our purpose is to educate and have a good time while we do it, if the Crusades are within your area of interest, please come and take a look at what we're doing.

Currently the Kingdom of Levant has active groups in the Abilene and San Angelo areas of West Texas. See the Keeps and Holds page for more information about local meetings and activities.

For the most up to date information follow us on Facebook